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Questions: What Was The First Movie That Made You Laugh?

Mr. Gaiman, I've heard you say before that "If somebody says something doesn't work for them, they are almost always right, but if they tell you exactly why, they are almost always wrong." Well, I'm a young author trying to get an agent for my book and I've got a dozen rejections under my belt so far. All of 'em are polite but brief things along the lines of "this doesn't work for me." So now I'm agonizing over what about my book or my query needs fixed, and I just don't know. Any advice?


Get someone — or more than one someones — whose opinion you respect to read the book. Then ask them to tell you when they lost interest, what parts of the plot confused them, who they didn’t care about, where they decided they didn’t care to finish it, etc. Then use that as your guide to rewriting. (You can also pretend you’ve never read it before and try to read it as an audience, and work out where YOU feel frustrated or bored.)

Or you could put that book aside and use everything you learned writing it as you write your next book. Then go back to this book when you are ready and a more experienced writer.


Vintage Photobooth pictures c. 1930s-1960s

Dear Making Comics Class,

Extra credit or homework make up assignment. Fold a page into 16 chambers, draw 16 of these photos (your choice) in non-photo blue and then ink them in with a Flair pen. Remember to draw your frame for each picture. What a fun class today! I love the pictures you brought back from the ‘field trip’.

Professor Sluggo

If you don’t allow yourself the possibility of writing something very, very bad, it would be hard to write something very good.
Steven Galloway (via writingquotes)

Giorgio Armani Fall 2012
Photo: Olivier Claisse/firstVIEWVisit for the full collection and review.


Giorgio Armani Fall 2012

Photo: Olivier Claisse/firstVIEW

Visit for the full collection and review.

Love them!


Spoiler Alert: Cheekbones.